Blog #2: Human Relations, Are They Worth It?

Humans are social creatures by nature. We were created to mate, to uncover the world’s fascinating mysteries and to look after one another. Over the years, however, and as history tells, this bond, this thing linking us humans to one another has slowly, and bit by bit, started to intoxicate until it’s reached the level of irritation it’s on today. Leaving an important and vital question hanging: Are human relations even worth it anymore?

Reasons For HR Intoxication.

Envy, ignorance, phobia, prejudice, negative curiosity, religious intolerance and plenty more make the reasons behind HR intoxication. This category of flaws has filled the human atmosphere for as long as humanity existed. The circumstances are more complex, however, one cannot simply place the blame on one party or the other. Negative, so-called evil things are often reactions to a series of negative, so-called evil things that have been inflicted on oneself. Stealing and envy, for example, may very well be a reaction to hunger and poverty. Phobia, prejudice and religious intolerance may as well be a reaction to being very limitedly exposed to a different culture, faith or nationality, or to an upbringing error. The blame, in this case, is often shared between the parties involved (I.e. society, family, school, etc.).

There exist other cases, though! Cases in which people are being evil for the sake of being evil. And funny enough, it is those people that I had to deal with for a long period of my life, and which has/have helped me shape into the state of mind I am currently in. People who are just too lazy to make any effort to work out a relationship of any sort, people who are utterly selfish and inconsiderate to the point where no other opinion different to theirs matters and no voice different to theirs is heard. Do you want to know what else is funny? These sorts of people are the most known to be successful in today’s miserable world. Allow me to add one more funny thing. You know, there was a time where this last type of people made me want to go on a psychotic killing spree, but now that I took years to rethink and analyze their behavior, I started understanding them better. Their life is just… sad, smart, nonetheless.

I am not going to give answers to the big question raised up there, for I am still on my path to figuring them out myself. Besides, this is a matter to take from several sides. And more is yet to come. However, I am going to allow myself to say this: Human relations are only worth it provided they do not mess with your psyche and intoxicate your thinking. But like I said, more on this topic is yet to come.

Stay tuned!

Published by Kaitsky

Greetings! I warmly welcome you all to my blog! "Who is Kai?" You may ask? Well, Kai is a 25-year-old writer, tutor and Master's student. A guy with a wide range of hobbies, interests, and passion. Writing, reading, drawing, singing, acting, cooking, swimming, hiking, and traveling sum up the list of his hobbies. As far as interests are concerned, anything that has to do with theater, screenwriting, languages, accents, religion, sciences, geography and history, he is so much into. That, in a few detailed lines, is me. This blog will give you an insight into my life: some of what I go through, my view on things and much more stuff I do hope you thoroughly enjoy. Yours, with admiration, Kai :)

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