Blog #1: New Year, New Me!

“New Year, New Me!” is an expression we often say every time we kiss a year goodbye and we kiss a new one hello. An expression we say, some of us to fool themselves into thinking that the new year will come, like a morning breeze, carrying the fresh winds of change. Some of us wait for it to give them a push, sort of, like, “New Year’s is as good a time as ever to start anew”. You, my dear reader, just like myself, must’ve set on a table one December 31st, to reflect on your past year and make resolutions for the new one. The question is: “Does it ever work?” “Is it really necessary?” “Is it really worth it?”

Change Comes From Within.

Change, indeed, comes from within. You could sit all you want and write down all the resolutions you wish. It does not matter – not with a fading passion, anyway! Firstly, you’ve got to look deep within yourself, to find that ticking part of you that ignites the spark of innovation and newness. Your motivation should stay still, just like an obelisk. Only then can the time you put into coming up with resolutions be of real worth!

Do Not Say It, Do It!

Avoid talking too much. If you talk too much, you think too much, and if you think too much, you highly risk jinxing it. Work in peace. Work in silence. For silence, for the most part, is golden!

Take It Easy!

Take it easy, alright? One at a time! ‘Tis better to have two important resolutions achieved than ten wholly failed. It isn’t at all about the quantity – nor should it be. It’s about the quality. Work at your pace. Do not give a care for what people say or think your pace should be like. It is your life. YOURS, okay? You master it. You control it – NOT anybody else.

Look At It From A Different Angle.

This is the one part I am still stuck in – the one where you’re supposed to change the way you look at things. I am quite an emotional person at times. It is extremely difficult for me, as a person who sees very little grey space between black and white, and who has been clouded with negativity for over two decades, to change the black, dusty glasses I’m used to seeing the world through. It is a struggle each of us has to go through – and I am going through mine. For that, I have decided to make it on the top of my list for its massive importance. I very well suggest you do the same. For no positive thinking, for sure, equals no positive change.

It is rather funny how I’m sitting on my computer at this late hour, giving out advice on how to control one’s life when I haven’t even got the least control over mine. It is good, however, as it serves as a reminder for me every time life’s troubles take me down the road of forgetfulness. Life is a ship, sailing in a wild, harsh and cold ocean. A good captain would be he who knows tricks and ways to dodge the shredding wind and destructive waves – May that be inside us all.

2019 has been pretty rough a year, with an ending even rougher. 2020 has begun, and so has a long, fate-deciding decade. Will I achieve my resolutions and dreams for this year or will I fail them? Check back with me next time it’s December 31st. But until then, why don’t you join me for a ride on the 2020 train, and see where it leads? 🚝 😉

Published by Kaitsky

Greetings! I warmly welcome you all to my blog! "Who is Kai?" You may ask? Well, Kai is a 25-year-old writer, tutor and Master's student. A guy with a wide range of hobbies, interests, and passion. Writing, reading, drawing, singing, acting, cooking, swimming, hiking, and traveling sum up the list of his hobbies. As far as interests are concerned, anything that has to do with theater, screenwriting, languages, accents, religion, sciences, geography and history, he is so much into. That, in a few detailed lines, is me. This blog will give you an insight into my life: some of what I go through, my view on things and much more stuff I do hope you thoroughly enjoy. Yours, with admiration, Kai :)

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